Sarada Gurung avec sa famille rend visite à Nicole en automne 2017.

Sarada Gurung

a été parrainée depuis 1993. Elle est maintenant une jeune maman dans la vie active.


SARADA is preparing a MBA in NZ

I am probably one of the oldest children to be sponsored for studies in Nepal by Fonds Parvati.  I have been supported by the association since I was in kindergarten. I am now a graduate in Business Administration and have worked in a reputed bank in Nepal for three years. Today I am in New Zealand pursuing my higher studies i.e. Master in Business Administration and all the credit goes to the association and mostly to Erwin De Keyzer and Evelyne De Keyzer whom I call my God parents, without whom I couldn’t be what I am today. I thank you for changing my world and making it so beautiful. I thank you for making me able to explore the world of knowledge and making me an independent person. I am also very grateful to Nicole Decourrière who has always motivated me and showed me way in my life. She has always guided me when I am confused and I have always gained positive vibes from her. I salute her for whatever she has done for us selflessly.


In many parts of Nepal, there are so many children who are out of reach of education, Fonds Parvati has been to so many parts of Nepal and helped so many children to give them education and to make them independent. I am so glad to be a part of the association and I never forget to thank you for your love and support every new day. I can’t express my feelings through words; the words are not enough to thank you. 


Sagun Chhetri - Rajamajhi

travaille, a été parrainee depuis 1995

Aarati Ramtel

infirmière , a été parrainee depuis 2004

Tenzin Shenphen

parraine depuis 1993