Ranjan passed his SLC in March 2012 at Pokhara Academy.


On my personal behalf and on behalf of musical group from Pokhara –Batulechaur, I want to thank our dear sponsors in Belgium. We heartily respect you all forever. Thank you very much for doing such a great effort for us and for our life.

Batulechaur, the origin place of Gandharva in Pokhara is famous because of the great personalities in the music. Similarly, this team of students/musicians who has been supported for the past 8 years belongs to the same place. We have been able to read and write because of your support. Life would not be easy and quality education could not be enjoyed without this organization’s help.

We had a tremendous improvement and development in our study as well as in our life.


The other most important achievement of this group is that it is now a well known musical team. We are capable of playing musical instruments along with education. We play in many 

programs. Among the 20 of us 8 of us are major players while the rest are still practicing. Among them, 6 of them are mid-classed players while the other 6 are still under basic course. 


Our teachers are Surya Gayak, he is teaching us rhythmic instruments and he also sometime manages programs for us. He also creates fusion for us.

The other teacher is Khim Bahadur Gayak; he is a traditional Sarangi player and teaches sarangi. He gives more preference to the traditional songs.

After few years we got a great change in our musical status. The man who did such a great job was our dear beloved teacher Samuel Gandharva. He taught us in both modern and traditional way. The classes were efficient to all of us. In one hand our regular teachers are here whereas our temporary teacher are coming regularly.

Because of the supreme teachers we are now in the circle of new artists. 


Sometimes we also attend a workshop in Kathmandu with our Nicole mam. She manages classes for us and other basic needs during the workshop. For example, me Ranzan Gayak I did a musical course for 1month in her house. This time was so memorable because I had every class so well like it would be never in the next time. However, we have still to learn many more.


Since we came back to Pokhara and started the rest of the education, our musical status was enhancing tremendously with the time. All our society was influenced because of our job. Other 

people also started learning music. Some of them are even learning with us. We have made people know the value of music.